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Read the Feedback – find out what  SCIO-Practitioners from around the world think about the SCIO Teaching Subscription Membership

Thank you very much Oliver for your LifePlanEarth website online courses. I have just signed up on the very convenient monthly plan (thank you for offering this payment plan; makes it easier on my budget) and I am glad to see the abundant amount of info available to learn from.

As a full time SCIO practitioner and the director of my clinic Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I have especially appreciated the Manual to a Successful Practice segment where I have learned to better manage my time on the SCIO while giving the most of SCIO’s benefit to my patients.

So much more to learn; I am looking forward to go through these very helpful and informative courses/videos that you put together so well and from your heart.

God bless you,

Zoli Hargitai

Zoli Hargitai
Zoli Hargitai Holistic Bio Spa, Plaza Marina,Local B-10 Puerto Vallarta, MX 48335

Oliver rund

Do not miss to visit his website. This is the place to visit, when you are in Mexico.

Holistc Bio Spa

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