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Note: This Video-Course is not in any connection with IMUNE. The course reflects part of my daily work to bring my client to Self-Empowerment, Self-Love and Self-Responsibilty - and the result will be Self-Healing.

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Florence Tosch

Oliver did his protocol on me the other day. Very enlightening. Would be worth your time to learn his method and have him do a session on you at the same time. I was impressed and would highly recommend you to anyone in our biofeedback group. Your unique way of looking at the body is profound! So many ways to look at a person. Thank you Oliver.

Nikoletta Baimaki Nikoletta Baimaki

The course helps to get rid of the symptoms very fast and speeds the treatment in a unique way no matter what the patient suffers from.It faces the patient as a holistic being,as he really is,and it can win the battle no matter how perplexed the condition of the patient is.Moreover,when it is conducted by a highly knowledgeable and well-organised mentor such as Oliver,success is more than certain.

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Package 1

Video Course

49 Euro

You get:

  • Instant access to members-area to watch the video of the course. It is a 1 hour course.
  • Exel-Protocol ot the course (Requires Exel 97-2003 or OpenOffice)
  • Lifetime access to the course in your members-area
  • Video and Protocol for download

After your purchase you get instant access to the members area

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Package 2

Personal Teaching plus Videorecording

139 Euro

You get:

Bonus: all Features of Package 1

  • Instant access to members-area to watch and download the Video after teaching
  • Exel-Protocol ot the course ( All protocols and reports require Exel 97-2003 or OpenOffice)
  • Quantum-Clarity Report of the session
  • Piggyback Report of the session
  • Category Report of the session
  • Lifetime access to the course in your members-area
  • Video and Protocol for download

The personal teaching will be in a 2-3 hours private Session.

Note: The teaching will be over Skype. Make sure you have Skype installed on your computer. You only get the Quantum-Clarity Reports of this session, not the software.

After your purchase we will make your appointment.

Important Note:

If you have a membership-account with us, please login to your account before you buy this product. This way the product will be added into your membership-area. If you do not log in, you have to creat new account.

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Questions and Answers

  • Q.How many times can I watch the video in Package 1 and Package 2?

    A.You can watch the video´s in both packages as many times as you want. It is not limited.

  • Q.Can I download the video and protocol?

    A.Yes. You can download the video an protocol as many times you want. The video and protocol are password protected.

  • Q.Can I share the video and protocol with others?

    A.When you give away your membership login data and somebody else is getting access to your account, the membership system will block and close your account. You will lose access. I can unlock it by request.

    I recommend to sent them your link out of the affiliate program and you earn 25 % commission. This way we do not take us out of the flow of giving and taking. We stay in the flow of abundance.

  • Q.Do I get the Quantum Clarity Software in Package 2?

    A.No. You only get a copy of the reports created during the session in Package 2.

You need more informations? Feel free to contact me.

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