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Video-Course: Emotions & Feelings

How do our emotions and feelings work and what do we have in common with a crocodile?

Find it out and use these effective tools to handle your emotions and feelings.

Easily explained .....

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Price: 11,00$
SCIO Teaching Subscription Membership
I am now offering all my work with SCIO/INDIGO-Biofeedback and all Video-Courses in a SCIO-Teaching Subscription Membership. Check out all the benefits you will get from the Subscription Membership. For just 19,30 Euro/Month you can join. Start learning online today. Oliver rund
Price: 21.50/Month
FREE Video-Course: Heal your self - Heal the world
This powerful Video-Course is not just healing you and keeps you healthy, but also the world. In this Meditation you also learn, how to reprogram the morphogenetic field of the planet. Find out more …
Price: 4,90$
Price: 0,00$
SCIO/INDIGO Video-Course: Manual to a successful practice – Bring your client into Self-Healing
Bring your work with Biofeedback to a Quantum-Leap. This video-course gives you a detailed manual to run a successful practice and bring your client rapidly into Self-Healing. Start to learn online today and save more then 1.500 Euros. Find out more! The video-course includes the Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel. Learn Adam´s 10 Step-Sessions.
Price: 333,00$
Price: 275,00$
SCIO/INDIGO Video-Course: Finding the causes of symptoms and destroying pathogens
You always wanted to find the causes of all symptoms in your client, to give your client the Self-Empowerment for healing? You always wanted to know, how you can destroy all pathogens, like viruses, bacterias, fungus, parasites, etc.? Then this is the course for you. With the knowledge you gain from this course, you have a great tool to bring yourself and your client into Self-Empowerment, Self-Love and Self-Responsibility to start the healing process.
Price: 59,00$
Price: 49,00$

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