Overview 10 Step-Sessions Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel


Watch the video and get an overview of the 10 Step-Sessions from the Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel.

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Start learning online to make your work with SCIO/INDIGO Biofeedback a Quantum-Leap for you and your client.

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When you take this online video-course you will not only make a Quantum-Leap in your work, you also save time and money for traveling and hotel.

When you missed the Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel, you will get his 10 Step-Session-Course in this video-course.

Adam rund swThis video-course is created in cooperation with Adam Mandel

Your savings can be up to 1.500 Euros and more.

Start learning online today!

Oliver Zuber-Kaldenach
Oliver Zuber-Kaldenach


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