"Reconnecting to your Soul"

Now available as Distance-Session (Subspace)

fade-leftfade-rightWhat is " Reconnecting to your Soul"?

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fade-leftfade-rightWhat is the "Reconnecting to your Soul"?

The "Reconnecting to your Soul" connects you back to your full devine part of your Soul and your Soul- and Incarnationplan.

The life-changing process of "Reconnecting to your Soul" helps you to get:

  • more Inner-Balance and Joy for Life
  • more Personal Development and Soul-Progress
  • more enhanced Self-Regeneration, Self-Healing and Holistic Health

What happend after I had my "Reconnecting to your Soul"?

  • I AM back to my Soul- and Incarnationplan
  • I AM without any FEAR or DOUBTS
  • I AM aware of WHO and WHAT I AM

fade-leftfade-rightIs it possible to do the "Reconnecting to your Soul" in a remote session (Subspace)?

Yes, it is possible to do the "Reconnecting to your Soul" in a remote session. You do not have to be with us in the same location.

The distance session of "Reconnecting to your Soul" is as effective as if you would be with me in the same room.

The "Reconnecting to your Soul" is not bound to linear time, the 3rd dimension and physical distance.

You can experience your sessions while staying at your home.

After the sessions we can talk on the phone or Skype about your experiences.

fade-leftfade-rightHow does a session take place and how can I prepare myself?

  • The "Reconnecting to your Soul" consists of two sessions on consecutive days.
  • You do the "Reconnecting to your Soul" only once in this life.
  • The session is about 60 min., including the review before and after the session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the session.
  • You lay on your back on a bed or massage-table. Take your shoes off.

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