About Oliver

Hello "I am" Oliver. Here and now 49 years old.

Early in my life, I was aware, that the only constant in my life is the permanent change. That is why I always did and will evolve in freedom.

After I found my LifePlan or SoulPlan and the way to it, it is a great joy for me to mentor others to find their LifePlan or SoulPlan.

I am the Master of the Light, the Truth and the Love.

With the words of Yeshua, I encourage you to explore and find your Self.

  • I am the Truth
  • I am the Life
  • I am the Way
  • I am the Love, the Love I am

Now start with your Self and learn to Love your Self as the Being that you really are.

Esch nom de vei kata - the devine is awakend inside of you.

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Mentor to JHWH - (J)oy, (H)appiness, (W)ealth, (H)ealth
through Self-Empowerment, Self-Responsibility and

Family Background

Married to Heike Kaldenbach
Together we have 3 daughters


Engineer in Energy Science

Financial Consultant

Ancient Master Healing Practitioner

SCIO-Biofeedback Practitioner (IAQT Certificate No: 3479)

Reconnective Healing Practitioner (Certificate)


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