About Heike


Mentor to JHWH - (J)oy, (H)appiness, (W)ealth, (H)ealth through Self-Empowerment, Self-Responsibility and Self-Love

Family Background

Married to Oliver Zube-Kaldenbach Together we have 3 daughters


Coaching and  Consultant,  Ella Kensington

Master Top Coach,  Dr. Roy Martina

Trance-Coaching, Dr. Roy Martina

Christallin Therapist, Dr. Roy and Joy Martina

Pong Yoop, Dr. Roy Martina and Charn Chano

Light Healing  and The Reconnection® ,  Dr. Eric Perl

Soulkey-Therapist, Martin Sting Petersen

Remote Chi,  Dr. Roy and Joy Martina

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