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SCIO-Biofeedback System | Family Package | Single Payment

Get your SCIO-Biofeedback System today.

Bring you and your family back into Self-Empowerment, Self-Love and Self-Responsibilty when it comes to Healthcare.

Stop treating and suppressing symptoms - Find the causes and remove them.

Ready for worldwide free shipping within 7-14 days.

Package Value: 17.000 USD.

Available Qty: 10
Price: 9.500,00$
Video-Course: Emotions & Feelings

How do our emotions and feelings work and what do we have in common with a crocodile?

Find it out and use these effective tools to handle your emotions and feelings.

Easily explained .....

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Price: 11,00$
Membership - SCIO Teaching


Earn your CEU´s with SCIO Teaching Subscription Membership

Your MEMBERSHIP starts at 19,30€/Month.

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Price: 21,50 /Month
Membership - 5 Steps to Joy Health Wealth Happiness


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Price: 95,00 /Month
Pong Yoop - Breath your self into Joy Health Wealth Happiness
Pong Yoop - Breath your self into Joy Health Wealth Happiness

Use the Power of your Breath

Book your ONLINE-COURSE with Marion.

Start it today on your way to Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness

Price: 90,00$
SCIO Biofeedback Analysis
SCIO Biofeedback Analysis

You want to stop treating symptoms and finally want to find the causes of all your symptoms?

Save 50% with Membership

or Save 20% with Packages


Book your Analysis today!

Price: 90,00$
Moringa 500 pills
Moringa 500 pills
The super plant. Moringa gives you most of the nutritions your body needs. Take 3 pills a day = 1500 mg Moringa-Powder a day. Click here to download a free ebook about Moringa Free Shipping worldwide
Available Qty: 15
Price: 30,00$
E.A.S.E Magnesium Spray 250 ml (8oz)
Price: 26,00$
Blood Type Eldoncard Typing Test Kit Includes: 1 Eldoncard, lancet, gauze, alcohol wipe, micropipette
You do not know your bood type - Buy the test and find it out quick - Start Eat Right 4 Your Type
Price: 6,40$
Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight
"What would you say if I told you that the secret to healthy, vigorous, and disease-free living might be as simple as knowing your blood type," ask Dr. Peter D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney, and in Eat Right 4 Your Type, they shows us the simple answer.
Price: 24,00$
Multi Pack Upgrade
Multi Pack Upgrade
For an additional 200.00 USD you can upgrade either your Clarity Report, Piggyback Generator or Category Report to a Multi-Pack which will enable you to load the software on up to 3 computers. ****only includes license and course of compliance registration for one user***
Price: 200,00$
SCIO Teaching Subscription Membership
I am now offering all my work with SCIO/INDIGO-Biofeedback and all Video-Courses in a SCIO-Teaching Subscription Membership. Check out all the benefits you will get from the Subscription Membership. For just 19,30 Euro/Month you can join. Start learning online today. Oliver rund
Price: 21.50/Month
The Tri-Vektor Package Save 10 %
The Tri-Vektor Package Save 10 %
All 3 products  
Price: 3.199,00$
Price: 2.899,00$
Select Language for Clarity-Report :
The Category Report
The Category Report
The Category Report is an essential tool for the professional practitioner. Cut your assessment time down from 2hrs to 5 minutes with this highly advanced, yet easy to use Quantum Clarity gem! In seconds you will be able to assess categorized reports designed for the practitioner which will support you in discerning therapeutic direction. Track your client’s progress and watch them thrive with this amazing addition to your professional practice. Here you can download a sample
  • Professionally assess your clients and better understand their wellness needs.
  • Organizes and structures matrix data to better see root stressors.
  • Increase your consultation capabilities.
  • Automatically applies Adam’s filter method of assessment.
  • Auto - Searches over 70 different key words in seconds.
  • Auto - Summarizes the amount of reactions, showing you where stress resides
  • Auto – Implicates and summarizes the nature of the reactivity to its searches
  • Auto- Refines the important matrix info and displays the pertinent reactivity
  • Supports the general practitioner in a more professional approach to practice
  • Efficiently supports the professional practitioner with the information needed to better incorporate the device into their practice
  • Free Updates for life.
  • The Category Report is intended by the Manufacturer to only be used as an aid to support owner/operators in their process of discerning the direction of a biofeedback session. The Category report should never be printed, emailed, represented or presented to a client. To do so would violate the manufacturer’s intended use of the software.
Price: 1.499,00$
The PiggyBack Generator
The PiggyBack Generator
Features and Benefits: Here you can download a sample
  • Automatically creates a list of all go to numbers
  • Creates tailored customized piggyback lists in seconds
  • Automatically isolates ``hyper`` Reactivity Values over 100
  • Organizes and structures piggyback go to numbers into an easy to use template
  • Saves over 30 minutes of searching in one click of the mouse
  • Enables real time piggyback reactivity test results
  • Allows time efficient session layering for maximum results
  • Custom creates and organizes reactivity lists
  • Enables faster assessment of the specific root stressors of your clients
  • Supports therapeutic direction
  • Promotes faster more profound results in therapy
  • Free Upates
The Piggyback Generator is a software tool that will enable you to accomplish vastly more therapy in less time. After running the test, minimize to the desktop and double click the Piggyback Generator icon. It then runs over 60 automated sub-searches from the Matrix and composes a "go to" piggyback list that can then be copied and pasted into all the Add to Piggyback areas within the program. The Piggyback Generator also reveals a spreadsheet with what it has chosen so you can better understand the client and what they are reacting to. It would easily take hours to search out what it can do in seconds and enables you to use real time codes that are client specific for layering your session. No more generic codes. Clients get what they need, when they need it with this tool. The Piggyback Generator is intended by the Manufacturer to be used as tool to support owner/operators in expediting the accumulation of pertinent information as it applies to their entrainment usage of their biofeedback device. At no time should it be printed, emailed, represented or presented to a client. To do so violates the Manufacturer’s intended use of the software.  
Price: 699,00$
Light Healing and Reconnecting to your Soul
If you want to stay healthy, recover full health and solve all the causes of your symptomps. If you want to get back on track and find your Soul- and Incarnationplan? Than this is for you. Find out how it changed my life.
Price: 270,00$
The Clarity Report
The Clarity Report
At the click of a button the Clarity Report Software extracts results from the SCIO/INDIGO Test! Here you can download a sample
  • The new 3.0 compliant certified version of the Clarity Report can now be given to a client.
  • Includes a compliance of usage course taught by The Institute of Stress Sciences (Gage Tarrant), www.mindNRG.org
  • Easy to use! Simply run your SCIO/INDIGO test, when finished close to the desktop and double click the Quantum Clarity Reactivity Report Icon.
  • Produces a Professional Designed Empowering Report (soon to be compliant certified)
  • Automatically saves the Data file from the SCIO-INDIGO test when the report is used for future reference.
  • Saves time searching the matrix to find specific reactivity.
  • Market the SCIO/INDIGO to a more professional clientele such as ND's, MD's, Dentist's, Veterinarians.
  • Automatically isolates and highlights Reactivity Values over 100 and under 50.
  • Automatically builds graphs to each categorical table.
  • Enables you to quicker asses the root reactant stressors needed for therapeutic direction and to guide and encourage lifestyle change.
  • Free Updates for life.
  • The Clarity Report is intended by the Manufacturer to be used by a board certified biofeedback specialist as an education tool for both owner/operator and client. In order to print the Clarity Report for issue to a client, owner/operator is required to abide the guide lines set by the mandatory ISS MindNRG compliance course. Breach of the guidelines set by MindNRG and or miss-representation of the information contained within the Clarity Report violates the Manufacturer’s intend use.
Price: 999,00$
Select Language :
Book your Mentoring with us - We show you how you become your solution. Your Mentoring-Session will be 1 hour.
Price: 90,00$
FREE Video-Course: Heal your self - Heal the world
This powerful Video-Course is not just healing you and keeps you healthy, but also the world. In this Meditation you also learn, how to reprogram the morphogenetic field of the planet. Find out more …
Price: 4,90$
Price: 0,00$
SCIO/INDIGO Video-Course: Manual to a successful practice – Bring your client into Self-Healing
Bring your work with Biofeedback to a Quantum-Leap. This video-course gives you a detailed manual to run a successful practice and bring your client rapidly into Self-Healing. Start to learn online today and save more then 1.500 Euros. Find out more! The video-course includes the Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel. Learn Adam´s 10 Step-Sessions.
Price: 333,00$
Price: 275,00$
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